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Everything You Need to Stay on Course

From start to finish, we offer expertise and resources to support your 529 journey and strengthen your savings strategy.

Automate Your College Savings

Contribute early and regularly by setting up recurring contributions.

  • Increase or decrease contributions at any time
  • Set up an annual automatic increase to your recurring contributions to boost your savings
  • Contribute directly from your checking or savings accounts
Add Recurring Contributions

Not sure how much to save? Use our College Financing Planner to estimate your future college expenses and create a plan to meet your savings goals.

Potential Savings Over Time With Monthly Recurring Contributions

Assumes a 6% hypothetical rate of return compounded monthly. This chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to predict or project the return earned by any specific investment option. Investment returns in the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan will vary and may be higher or lower than in this example. An actual investment may assess fees or other charges that should be considered prior to investing. Recurring contributions cannot assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Invite Family and Friends to Contribute With Ugift®

With Ugift, an online gifting platform, your friends and family can give a truly meaningful gift—money toward a student's education savings.

To access Ugift, simply log in or download the mobile app.

Share your page with friends and family

You can easily share your page via email and social channels, text the link, or include the link on evites and printed invitations.

Automatically track gifts received

Log in to your account and click on Ugift. Go to "See Ugift history" to find gift activity, including the name of the gift giver (if provided), the amount of the gift, and the gift's status.

No fees

Neither the 529 account owner nor the gift giver has to pay any fees for using Ugift. The entire amount of the gift will be deposited into the student's 529 plan account.

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Access Your Funds for School Expenses

Whether your child has chosen to attend a university or a trade school, locally or out of state, we have the information you need to help you to take a withdrawal quickly and securely from your T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan account.

Learn More About Withdrawals

Adjust Your Investment Approach

Situations change, and so can your approach to saving. Our investment options provide you with the flexibility to make changes to your existing investment options twice per calendar year per beneficiary.

Explore Investment Options

Explore the College Savings Library

Decades of experience in investment management, paired with the expertise of Certified Financial Planners, put T. Rowe Price in the position to offer you insights, investment perspectives, and educational content to help you along your college savings journey.

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Need to make a change to your account? Find and download the right form for you.

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Readysave™ 529 App

Manage Your Account Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Contribute at your pace

    Add money to your balance as a one-time or recurring contribution.

  • Regularly monitor your account

    Check your account balance, transaction history, and investment allocations.

  • Gifting from friends and family

    Easily invite friends and family to help give your savings a boost with Ugift®.